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Trustar Funding is a private, direct real estate lender, located in Northeast Ohio.

We make loans to real estate investors, on houses and small commercial properties in decent neighborhoods in Northern Ohio, from Columbus, North, and in the New York / New Jersey Metropolitan Market.

In any area where we are not a direct lender, we have the ability to arrange a loan through our proprietary network of thousands of private real estate lenders who make loans similar to ours.

We make Transactional Funding loans to real estate investors Nationwide. These are loans, generally for 100% of the purchase price of ANY type of property, where there is going to be a pre-arranged, IMMEDIATE resale of the property, in a back-to-back, or double closing.

We arrange ALL types of real estate finance, on ALL commercial property types, Nationwide.

Trustar Funding is a part of The Stark Companies, a diversified group of companies focused on real estate finance, investment and management.

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